third step

second step

STages of REadiness

Seeding the plan to strike, getting the word out nation wide.  Requesting all women  to join, regardless of race or political orientation, inviting men who wish to support us too.  

Getting coverage on major media. When this step has occurred we are ready to set a date to strike.

 All law written without women's equal participation must be rewritten. They need women's concepts of nurturing, mercy, grace, forgiveness, generosity, fun, love, music, art, creativity and family. YES. The time HAS come for US women to strike.  The US Constitution is out of date. The Bill of Rights as well.  WE have the chance to change it, by changing it together.

Begin the Strike.  

Planning the strike, planning how we support each other to do it. Getting networks in place. 

Stop pledging allegiance to a corporate flag!!! Pledge your allegiance to our Planet!  

I Pledge Allegiance to the Earth,

Upon whom all life depends,

And to the Beings with Whom we share Her; Our Earth, of the Universe,

Beauteous beyond comprehension.

Women and men together can end this corruption by refusing to engage with the socio-economic system, by staging a universal strike in stages. First week no shopping, second week no working, week no speaking, until we get what will benefit everyone.

Women have legitimate grounds to complain that we are not represented in the laws that this country was founded on, and that complaint will only be heard when we stop supporting the system the laws maintain.

Women are not seeking or entitled to a women-only system, even though men have had a men-only patriarchy, instead we seek a complete and fair balance of our voice in all matters that concern our country.


Fourth Step

We strike for a pa-matriarchy, equal participation at all levels, and a reconstruction of our legal system.  Men who stand with us are those who walk in balance and honor.  Only confident and strong men support true co-participation and equality.

First Step

 The Time has Come to Stand up for Humanity, PLEASE COME!