I AM called EM I intend to inspire the change I feel we all know we can bring,as we plan to stand together. Change for the better, that connects us with our experience of full spectrum love.

Beginning in 1996

Brought suit pro se against corrupt town, and newspaper and won all.

Initiated 10 Town wide vote to shutter VY, a nuclear power plant. The plant eventually closed in 2015.

Created the Peace Through Music symbol

Created videos on monetary system, hemp and more.

Ran for Governor in 3 cycles in Vermont ending in 2014 on a platform of hemp and fair public monetary policy.

Vermont now has the most open agricultural hemp laws in North America.

Born in Princeton NJ in 1958, on 11/24/58 

daughter of a musician, and an equestrian

an animal communicator

plant communicator

free thinker


I Am Em.

Together OUR people will become MORE HUMANE in so far as we refuse to participate with evil OUR EARTH will BECOME OUR SANCTUARY, and OUR LIVES BECOME EMPURPOSED FOR THE GREATEST GOOD OF ALL.

 The Time has Come to Stand up for Humanity, PLEASE COME!  

EM's History of Effectivism

Each person is unique. Violent approaches to change will never help us reach our full potential. WoMen Strike is for balance, equality, life, justice, sustainability, and fairness. Let's make Dr King proud!